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The revolution will be started on 1st Feb 2018

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World's first sale of blockchain node

Anyone who want to get their own node can purchase it. Node owners can generate revenue with the blockchain hosting service

BINOD will become a key enabler for the further blockchain technologies

Our mission is to build a blockchain infrastructure and to provide the blockchain hosting services. All of our services and infra facilities can be provided anyone who want to use a blockchain.

Security and Stability

All of the binod blockchain infraware is distributed in a blockchain to our global  blockchain network.

Integrity and Reliability

It is based on a new consensus algorithm enhancing the integrity and reliability of the blockchain.

Efficiency and Speed

Keeping the efficiency and speed of the blockchain, we have made it easy to inherit the heritage and asset of the web business.

About GNS(Global Node Sale)

GNS is the first service of selling a blockchain node in the world. We are going to sell the node of BINOD blockchin infrastructure from 1th FEB, 2018.

Node is a Precious Asset

A sold node is a tangible asset for storing blockchain ledger. Node is not a crypto.

Node Value is rising

The block height in the sold node will increase. This will increase the value of the node.

To get revenue of node owner

As the node owner builds up blocks on their own nodes, they can earn commission revenue on the nodes.

Node trading

Of course, anyone who want to get a node buy it


In addition to new services using blockchain,  We provide the application services  necessary to  existing web businesses transformed into blockchain platform.


Despite the need and intent to introduce a blockchain, that is very difficult. But with BINOD's ready-made blockchain infrastructure, you can easily take advantage of blockchaine services.


We will operate the node exchange one year after the BINOD service opening. The value of a node is evaluated through transactions

Road Map


POC & Pre-sale

BINOD launched the POC in the second quarter of 2017 with a project kickoff.

BINOD Head Quarter Est.

Established BINOD Headquater office in Singapore, the Centre of Global FinTech. We are currently designing white paper based on POC and designing blockchain infrastructure. We successfully operated a private presale in October.

GNS starts

  • - GNS launch on February 1st, 2018
    - Core application development
    - Start development of BINOD blockchain service

BINOD Patent Apply

  • - BINOD Patent Apply in South Korea

AICs Kick Off
Third QUARTER 2018

BINOD Service Start
in 2019

  • - Node Center Open in Singapore, Korea
  • - BINOD Plaza Open in Korea
  • - BINOD Lab Launching

BINOD STO in 2020

  • - BINOD Security Token Offering
  • - Node Reward Start
  • - Fuel Cell Plant Build

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